Exmoor Ponies


18 December 2019

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For many people, seeing Exmoor Ponies on the open moors is one of the highlights of a trip to Exmoor.

There are around twenty different herds that run on the various commons of Exmoor, two of which are owned by the National Park.

The Exmoor pony’s colouring ranges from a smokey-brown to a red-brown or dark brown. Underparts, and the area around the eyes and nose, are a mealy buff colour while the mane, tail and points are dark brown or black. The summer coat is fine and glossy, but in winter the ponies grow a thick, two-layered protective coat.

Foals are born in the spring and early summer and spend the summer running with their mothers, known as dams, and building up a store of fat to take them through the hard winter ahead. In the autumn the herds are driven down to the farms, to be inspected and micro-chipped. Foals are weaned and either sold or returned to the moor for the winter.

For a chance to get up close to the ponies, visit the Exmoor Pony Centre at Ashwick near Dulverton, or join one of the many events organised locally throughout the summer.

Exmoor Ponies - Information

Exmoor Ponies are an integral and important part of Exmoor. I never tire os seeing them and encourage anyone in the area to go onto Exmoor and find these lovely animals.

Exmoor Pony Centre

Situated in the heart of the beautiful Exmoor National Park, the Exmoor Pony Centre is a small charity run business, owned by the Moorland Mousie Trust, working to promote and protect the endangered rare-breed Exmoor pony.

Go and visit their wonderful ponies, most of which were taken into their care when they had nowhere else to go and have benefited from the attention given by our devoted team of staff and volunteers. They can offer you the opportunity of getting close to an Exmoor Pony and pre-booked riding activities at the Centre or across the moors.

Website: www.exmoorponycentre.org.uk